Exploring Advanced Dental Technologies at Dental Point Kochi: Revolutionizing Oral Healthcare

Welcome to Dental Point Kochi, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care. In the constantly evolving field of dentistry, remaining on the cutting edge of technological innovations is critical to providing our patients with the best possible healthcare experience. Join us on this journey as we explore the modern dental technology that distinguishes Dental Point as a pioneer in dental innovation in Kochi, Kerala.

1.Intraoral Scanner: A Patient’s Perspective
Understanding your dental health has never been simpler. We use the intraoral scanner (on demand) to involve you in the diagnosis process. These scanners take high-resolution photos of your mouth, allowing us to better explain and comprehend dental concerns. Patients at Dental Point value the openness and involvement that this technology gives.

Intraoral scanner

2. CAD/CAM Technology: Crafting Perfect Restorations
Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) have revolutionized Prosthetic dentistry at Dental Point Kochi. CAD/CAM technology enables us to design and fabricate crowns, bridges, and veneers with unparalleled precision, ensuring a perfect fit and a natural-looking smile for our patients. Various designs of crowns are viewed before we fix the final design.

3.Digital Impressions and 3D Scanning: Precision Redefined
At Dental Point, bid farewell to uncomfortable traditional impressions. We support digital impressions and 3D scanning technologies all in-house which reduce the need for messy molds while also providing remarkable precision. Our cutting-edge scanners produce detailed photos of your teeth, allowing for precise diagnosis and individualized treatment programs. You will get the best Veneers and crowns with utmost precision saving time. No more pain while impression taking. No more GAG REFLEX.

4. OPG Orthopandamogram / Full mouth Xray for Comprehensive Diagnosis
For our patients, we utilize OPG imaging. The machine is a French-made world’s most compact machine with reduced radiation exposure. This imaging technology provides detailed views of oral structures, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment planning for procedures such as implant placement, orthodontic treatments hidden decays, etc.

Advanced Dental Technology

5. Smart Dental Chairs: Comfort Meets Innovation
Our commitment to patient comfort extends to our advanced dental chairs. Equipped with smart features, these chairs enhance the overall dental experience, providing comfort and support during treatments. It’s equipped with memory foam and imported leather to provide comfort during dental appointments which might take a little longer. Geriatric patients with back pain find this feature very helpful. Relaxation aids in better outcomes and our dental chairs are designed with patient well-being in mind.

Dental Point is more than just a dental clinic in Kochi, it’s a place for innovation and compassion. We hope to reinvent the dentistry experience for our patients by incorporating these cutting-edge technologies into our clinic. Embrace the future of dentistry at Dental Point Kochi, where technology and expertise come together to produce smiles that are not just beautiful but also precise and caring. Your path to optimum oral health begins here, at the confluence of innovation and quality.